My words, visions, and trivia along the way.

First let me begin by saying that I am truly grateful for some of the friends I have. My friend Drew, who is stationed in Virginia actually drove up 5 hours to come hang out with me. When he arrived to South NJ last night, we loaded up the vehicle and drove up on over to NY where we have been running wild for over 24 hours now. 

While we were bar hopping around Lower East Manhattan, Drew had the sudden urge to get inked up. So we post poned our binge drinking to look for the closest Tattoo parlor and this is what he walked out with:

The trident is part of the symbol that the navy uses to symbolize Aegis. Aegis is a mission defense system, basically a weapon system design to shoot down any and everything. Very defensive. With that said Drew admits that he is extremely defensive of his friends and family. The Trident on his arm is proof of that. 


I had a great weekend, I have a pretty busy work week ahead but I am prepared and excited even. Things at work have been picking up and I will begin taking on more responsibilities. This is my time to impress my coworkers.

I have only been here since the 1st and although I admit that my time here has been great, I sure do miss Texas!

A couple got these lovely little pixelated zelda tattoos as a sign of their love. I do like how the heart containers are mirrored. 

Based on the comments on that website, it looks like i’m the only one that appreciates this.