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This is actually my response to a post from PhillyD’s blog, where he mentions his “Top 3”. Now ever since I saw the pilot episode of Love Bites, I have heard about couples talking about their top 3 much more frequently than before. The episode that I am mentioning is about one of the couples having their own “Top 3” and one of the characters happen to meet one of theirs, Jennifer Love Hewitt, on a plane. As mentioned on Phil’s blog, the top 3 are “a list of 3 celebrities you could leave your significant other for and have no negative repercussions.” Obviously this list is totally hypothetical for most, and if you actually have a list like this there then it’s probably because your other half knows there is no chance in hell but they will humor you anyway. How shallow is this anyway? Haha, well did I mention I have a list of my own:

1. Olivia Wilde

2. Rashida Jones


3. Alison Brie